About The Imperial Hotel, Melbourne

The Imperial Hotel, in Bourke Street, boasts an unconventional and colourful history as one of Melbourne’s landmark pub venues. It is the third oldest pub in the Melbourne CBD.

Originally known as Nobel’s Circus in 1852, the building housed equestrian shows, promenade concerts and lively dances until it became a permanent theatre site in 1856 and was re-named ‘Salle de Valentino’.

It wasn’t until 1863 that the building became known as ‘Richardson’s Imperial Hotel’ and received only the third liquor license ever granted in Melbourne. To this day, the Imperial remains a classic Melbourne pub where you can still walk through the original Australian red cedar doors that date back to 1858. 

Mixed with this rich history and architecture is an appreciation for modern Australian life - a love of sport, a tasty, modern menu and stunning views from the new, sun-kissed rooftop garden. On the corner of Bourke and Spring St, the Imperial is perfect for tram routes 96 and 86.

As a stalwart of the Melbourne pub scene, the Imperial also believes in community. We regularly welcome a number of local supporter clubs (including the Melbourne Liverpool Supporters Club) for catch-ups and match-ups, and manager Steve is always good for a chat (or a re-tweet).

So visit to "The Impy" for a relaxed, approachable pub experience in the heart of the city. Good food, good drink, right on your doorstep...