UEFA Euros

12th June - 12th July

After a 12 month delay, UEFA Euro 2020 is finally here.

31 days of 24 countries competing in 11 different cities, all vying for the title of Europe’s best footballing nation.

Catch the action LIVE & LOUD at the Impy.


Due to recent COVID restrictions, we have a limited capacity for this weekend’s matches. For the first few matches, we are offering tickets. Spots are limited so get in quick.


Wednesday 16th June – France V. Germany | Doors open 4.30am | $30pp | BUY NOW

Thursday 17th June –  Italy V. Switzerland | Doors open at 4.30am | $30pp | BUY NOW

Thursday 17th June – Ukraine V. North Macedonia | Entry from 10.30pm | $45pp | BUY NOW

Friday 18th June – Denmark V. Belgium | Entry from 1.30am | $45pp | BUY NOW

Saturday 19th June – England V. Scotland | Doors open 4.30am | $45pp (Incl 2 drinks & brekkie burger) | TICKETS (As COVID restrictions have eased, 25 more tickets will be available for this match on Thursday 17th June, at 12pm)

Saturday 19th June – Hungary V. France | Entry from 10.30pm | $45pp (Incl 3 drinks) | BUY NOW

Sunday 20th June – Portugal V. Germany | Entry from 1.30am | $45pp (Incl 3 drinks) | BUY NOW

Night Matches

– Entry and spot in front of the screen
– 3 drinks (your choice of beer, wine or spirit)

Early Morning Matches

– Entry and spot in front of the screen
– 1 drink
– Brekkie burger

England V Scotland

– Entry and spot in front of the screen
– 2 drinks
– Brekkie burger

Doors open 30 minutes prior to kick-off for each match.

Outside ticket holders
Our outside seating option is our rooftop. We do have a marquee in place for winter so in the event of rain this area will be covered. It is still an outdoor space though, so please bring a coat. Tickets cannot be transferred to an indoor area due to COVID restrictions. Please also note, we have a 1am license on the rooftop.

Keep an eye out on our live sport page to see the next matches we’ve got coming up.