The Imperial - Best Sports Bar in Melbourne

The Imperial offers the best of both worlds - a delicious menu and an incredible live sport atmosphere. With plenty of big screens and sport from around Australia and the globe, you can watch in comfort at "The Impy".

The Imperial is also open late to cater for your big overseas sporting events like Premier League games and historic FA Cup battles.

We offer a huge range of live sport, including:

  • Live Soccer - EPL, Champions League, FA Cup and A-League.
  • Live Rugby - Super Rugby, Six Nations, Rugby Championship, Bledisloe Cup and World Cup.
  • Live Rugby League - NRL, Super League and State of Origin.
  • Live Cricket - Test Matches, BBL and One-Day Matches.
  • Live Golf - US Masters, US Open, US PGA and British Open.
  • Live Tennis - Wimbledon, Australian Open, US Open and French Open.
  • Live US Sport - NFL, NBA, MLB... just ask us!

The Imperial is the Home of the Liverpool FC Supporters Club in Melbourne. Come and join us when the mighty Reds are playing and revel in the special atmosphere created by Liverpool fans. YNWA at The Impy!

NOTE: We've also been known to open the doors for Spurs and City fans, too! 

Take a look at the table below for the upcoming fixtures at The Imperial Hotel, Bourke Street, Melbourne.


AFL Rugby League Football Rugby Union Cricket Basketball Tennis Golf NFL, MLB, NHL


  Please Note: We'll also be showing NHL games on request.


WED. 18/01/2017 Australian Open  10:30 AM
WED. 18/01/2017 Australian Open  6:00 PM
THU. 19/01/2017 Australian Open  10:30 AM
THU. 19/01/2017 Australian Open  6:00 PM
THU. 19/01/2017 NBL: Adelaide v Brisbane 7:30 PM
THU. 19/01/2017 A-League: MCY v CCM 7:50 PM
FRI. 20/01/2017 Australian Open  10:30 AM
FRI. 20/01/2017 NBA: Wizards v Knicks 12:00 PM
FRI. 20/01/2017 NBA: Timberwolves v Clippers 2:30 PM
FRI. 20/01/2017 Australian Open  6:00 PM
FRI. 20/01/2017 NBL: Illawarra v New Zealand 7:30 PM
FRI. 20/01/2017 A-League: Sydney v Adelaide 7:45 PM
FRI. 20/01/2017 NBL: Perth v Cairns 9:30 PM
SAT. 21/01/2017 Australian Open  10:30 AM
SAT. 21/01/2017 NBA: Pacers v Lakers 2:30PM
SAT. 21/01/2017 NBL: Brisbane v Melbourne 5:30 PM
SAT. 21/01/2017 NBL: Adelaide v Sydney 7:30 PM
SAT. 21/01/2017 A-League: Perth v Melb V 7:45 PM
SAT. 21/01/2017 EPL: Liverpool v Swansea City 11:30 PM
SUN. 22/01/2017 EPL: West Brom v Sunderland 2:00 AM
SUN. 22/01/2017 EPL: Crystal Palace v Everton 2:00 AM
SUN. 22/01/2017 EPL: Middlesbrough v West Ham 2:00 AM
SUN. 22/01/2017 EPL: Stoke City v Man United 2:00 AM
SUN. 22/01/2017 EPL: Bournemouth FC v Watford 2:00 AM
SUN. 22/01/2017 EPL: Man. City v Tottenham 4:30 AM
SUN. 22/01/2017 NBA: Spurs v Cavaliers 12:30 PM
SUN. 22/01/2017 NBL: New Zealand v Perth 1:00 PM
SUN. 22/01/2017 NBL: Cairns v Illawarra 3:00 PM
SUN. 22/01/2017 A-League: WSW v Newcastle 5:00 PM
SUN. 22/01/2017 Australian Open  6:00 PM
SUN. 22/01/2017 EPL: Southampton v Leicester City 11:00 PM
MON. 23/01/2017 EPL: Arsenal v Burnley FC 1:15 AM
MON. 23/01/2017 EPL: Chelsea v Hull City 3:30 AM